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Customer-centric customs service at Aimax-Cargo

Airmax Cargo's customs experts can handle special customs clearance tasks quickly and cost-effectively. In addition to customs clearance, we offer our clients specialized services to minimise the time needed to fulfil their customs obligations. We will not let go of our partners' hands after the transport task is completed, not only when clearing customs, but also in the event of a possible follow-up inspection years later.

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Special customs documents and procedures

Our customs brokerage services for inbound goods cover the full range of import-related customs clearance procedures, and help to ensure that goods reach the consignee quickly and smoothly.

Airmax Cargo Budapest Zrt. has a full Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) licence. This is a special status under which the customs authorities consider the authorised economic operator as a trusted partner, and, therefore, receive a number of benefits from the customs authorities in the management of customs affairs, transport and other handling of customs goods.

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0-24 hour

customs service for both export and import goods

Our customs brokers are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to help you clear air imports and export shipments in all modes of transport. To ensure faster and more flexible import customs clearance (release for free circulation), Airmax Cargo offers the possibility to process customs duties, non-Community taxes and fees through a closed, automated, NAV EBÜK (electronic banking messaging) system.

Special customs documents and procedures

Special customs documents and procedures

  • Release for free circulation of goods by direct and indirect representation

  • customs procedure with procedure code 42

  • Customs clearance of excise goods

  • Temporary conservation storage

  • Private sales management Customs clearance

  • Customs clearance for diplomatic missions

  • Temporary importation of goods, temporary importation of goods

  • Request a VPID/EORI number

  • Issue and authentication of documents proving origin and status (A.TR, EUR1)

  • ATA Carnet card launch and subscription

  • Ex-post procedures, legal remedies

Import customs clearance - electronic customs payment service

Import customs clearance - electronic customs payment service

In line with Customs' electronic customs procedures, our customers have the possibility to use an electronic customs payment service for the payment of public charges incurred during import clearance. To ensure fast clearance and automatic release of your goods, our company will settle customs and other charges arising during the customs procedure. After the transfer, the account-managing bank automatically sends information in the required format and with the required data content to the NAV via the Electronic Banking Message Manager (EBM). Based on the information sent by the bank, the NAV considers the customs payment secured and the remittance irrevocable, so that the goods are automatically released after the customs duty and customs payment have been matched.

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Providing Customer Representation - We take the burden of managing your affairs off your shoulders!

Our expert customs colleagues are dedicated and experienced in representing our clients. Representation requires a mandate or power of attorney. An assignment is a bilateral contract, which must be signed by both parties. A power of attorney is a unilateral declaration bearing only the signature of the (authorised signatory) authorised representative or his/her agent (in which case a written mandate between the authorised representative and his/her agent is required).

If you need a representation mandate not only on an ad hoc basis, but on an ongoing basis, we recommend using the EGYKE form provided by the NAV. The filing of a permanent power of attorney can be initiated by both the proxy and the authorised representative, if our company represents our client as a proxy, making the process easier and more convenient for us.

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