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Value-added logistics services

Airmax Cargo provides its customers with warehousing and logistics services and related infrastructure that can be integrated into their operations, according to the needs of the company, and fit into their procurement, supply and sales processes.

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We offer a complete outsourcing logistics solution for all your warehousing needs.

This complex service with a well-functioning logistics background, optimised processes and warehouse logistics experts helps our customers' businesses in a cost-effective way.

We believe that our activities and continuous improvement can make a significant contribution to our partners' business success, which is why we place great emphasis on improving our warehouse base and warehouse services.

Warehouse Shelves from Above

2400 m² open-floor warehouse

1900 m² high storage warehouse with rack storage

GDP and IATA CEIV Pharma certified indoor and refrigerated pharmaceutical warehouse

Our warehouse logistics services

Logistics services tailored to individual needs

By choosing us as your logistics service provider partner, you can focus on your core business and dramatically reduce your costs and, to the greater satisfaction of your customers, develop your core profile with significant additional capacity in the longer term.

Our warehouse logistics services

Airmax Cargo provides the following complete warehouse logistics services to its customers

  • 2400 m² open-floor warehouse

  • GDP and IATA CEIV Pharma certified room temperature (+15 - +25 °C) and refrigerated (+2 - +8 °C) warehouse

  • Long-term storage

  • Cross-docking system

  • Full administration

  • Customs clearance, temporary storage warehouse

  • Repackaging up to tertiary, secondary packaging

  • Courier service

  • Secure accommodation of live animals awaiting transport

  • Mechanical handling of materials

  • FIFO/FEFO service

  • Serving scheduled orders

  • Up-to-date transaction tracking

  • Unique marking and labelling

  • Regional warehouse and distribution center services

  • Logistics services tailored to individual needs

Our comprehensive goods management solutions
Overhead View of Warehouse

Our complete range of goods management solutions

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Our unique solutions

  • Individual palletizing, foiling, strapping and boxing on request

  • Special packaging

  • Handling goods requiring refrigeration

  • Dry ice on demand

  • Handling dangerous goods

  • Packaging and handling of fragile goods

We put great emphasis on meeting the needs of our customers and preserving the condition of the goods to be transported.


In all cases, we take great care to ensure the correct and safe handling and packaging of the goods.

Specialist pharmaceutical logistics
Test Tubes

Specialist pharmaceutical logistics

Storage solutions for pharmaceutical and chemical companies

Airmax Cargo's pharmaceutical logistics center has a high level of infrastructure security for the storage, picking and transportation of temperature-sensitive human and animal medicines, pharmaceutical raw materials, pharmaceuticals and other medical devices.

Our warehouse colleagues are well versed in and apply the strict regulations governing pharmaceutical logistics. Our staff are constantly trained and educated to keep up to date with the latest pharmaceutical logistics regulations. With more than 25 years of experience in pharmaceutical logistics, we are at the service of our domestic and foreign partners from the very beginning of the authorization process. Our consultancy services help our clients to create the conditions for obtaining a licence, including the selection of the right quality assurance pharmacists.

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IATA CEIV 01.png

GDP and IATA CEIV Pharma certified room temperature and refrigerated warehouse

Our 550 m² GDP and IATA CEIV Pharma certified pharmaceutical warehouse has the capacity to store room-temperature goods between +15 – +25 °C and refrigerated goods between +2 – +8 °C.

Our sales processes and procedures (SOPs) are fully compliant with GDP (Good Distribution Practice) and the most current relevant legislation in force.

Pharmaceutical logistics services

  • Long-term storage

  • Cross-docking, administration, customs clearance

  • Order picking, case packing, pallet building

  • Repackaging up to tertiary, secondary packaging

  • Highly qualified colleagues with knowledge of pharmaceutical logistics rules

  • Distribution with our own certified refrigerated vans if required

  • Provision of specialised air, sea and road transport services

  • Consultancy services for the obtaining of a wholesale marketing authorization for medicinal products, the submission of applications, the compilation of standard operating procedures

  • Our services are also available if the products are only reshipped in Hungary to the final destination in a third country (re-export)

  • Willingness and ability to invest in order to offer our customers a tailor-made package of pharmaceutical logistics services to meet all their needs.

Technical facilities of the pharmaceutical logistics center

  • High shelf, room temperature (+15 °C – +25 °C) storage

  • Cold storage (+2 °C – +8 °C)

  • Redundant air conditioning (HVAC) GAMP 5 and PIC/S PI 006-3

  • Online monitoring system

  • Full compliance with National Public Health Center’s and GDP requirements

  • Procedures developed for the event of an emergency

  • Validated warehouse management software that meets the requirements of the National Public Health Center, and covers the entire commercial process from ordering, quality release, warehousing, sales and document management to the back-end management

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PIC-S 01.png
Thermal packaging solutions

Certified, heat-retaining packaging solutions for transport


Controlled temperature-sensitive solutions

At Airmax Cargo's logistics center, we offer the latest and most efficient packaging solutions, complemented by innovative transport and customs services, for the transport of refrigerated goods. We use temperature measuring instruments to provide reliable, professional service to our customers.

Passive packaging

TEMAX film

3.5 cm thick, 14-layer heat-retaining foil


high performance, temperature-retaining packaging


thermoboxes in different sizes with individual insulation solutions

Jumbo box

cardboard box with styrofoam insulation

Active packaging

Active cool boxes

Rented containers

Envirotainer, Opticooler és CSafe

Refrigerated trucks

CARRIER cooling-heating HVAC equipment

The benefits of Airmax logistics center outsourcing services

  • Cost-effectiveness

  • Knowledge and reliability

  • Modern IT and logistics background

  • Delivery capacity and responsiveness

  • High quality of service

  • Our warehouse base and office are close to airports and motorways

Special solutions

Special logistics and warehousing solutions

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special solutions page

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Placement of livestock

Uniquely in Hungary, only Airmax Cargo's warehouse base has a dedicated live animal area that is safe, clean, disinfected, air-conditioned, ventilated and soundproofed. We are a member of the International Pet and Animal Transportation Association (IPATA).

Fish Market

Handling fresh and frozen food

Our trained professionals are well versed in the properties of perishable goods and how to handle them. We can provide a seamless cold chain with our temperature-controlled storage capacity, our special thermal packaging solutions and, for road transport, our own refrigerated trucks.

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