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Handling temperature-sensitive goods

Airmax Cargo Budapest Zrt. is a key partner of several Hungarian food producers and distributors. Over the past twenty years, we have gained a great deal of experience and expertise in the transport of perishable (fresh and frozen) foodstuffs, and our food transport staff have a high level of knowledge of goods and goods handling. Our continuously trained colleagues always propose solutions that fully comply with the law, HACCP and our customers' specific requirements.

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CoolMax megoldásaink

TEMAX film

  • Recommended temperature range: 15-25 °C

  • Duration (hours): by itself, it does not have guaranteed heat retention for days, but it does provide extra protection

  • Size: any


  • Cost-effective solution against direct sun and heat, proven by accredited tests

  • 3.5 cm thick, which has a negligible effect on the weight of the fare

  • 14 layers of heat-retaining foil, alternating reflective aluminium and bubble foil for internal air circulation

  • Multi-layer configurations, good for both hot and cold profiles

  • Applicable to multiple palette sizes

  • CCRM (Cold Chain Risk Management) system, which allows you to simulate the entire route of a shipment, taking into account specific weather conditions, to determine critical points and the required packaging configuration

TEMAX film

Boxes with increased insulation

  • Temperature range: 2–8 / 15–25 °C

  • Duration (hours): 72–120

  • Volume (litres): 7-2994 (28×13,4×20,8 cm – 208,3×125×115 cm)


  • Efficacy proven by accredited tests

  • Up to 5 days solution for transport of goods at 2–8 °C and/or 15–25 °C (with own ice gel supply) without additional refrigeration

  • In combination with dry ice, up to 7 days for frozen (-20 °C) goods without separate freezing

  • Cost-effective compared to products with similar capabilities (such as a refrigerated container)

  • Robust yet lightweight design

  • From 7 L net capacity up to 3 m³ capacity

Fokozott szigeelésű dobozok

Insulated boxes, drums

  • Temperature range 2–8 °C

  • Duration (hours): By itself, it has no guaranteed heat retention for days, but it does provide extra protection.

  • Volume: freely variable


  • Cost-effective solution against direct sun and heat, proven by accredited tests

  • Any size available within 1 day

  • Insulated with 5–10 cm of insulation as required

  • Its effectiveness can be increased with ice packs or dry ice for frozen products

Insulated boxes, drums

Refrigerated container

  • Temperature range -20 – +20 °C

  • Duration (hours): unlimited with refill

  • Size (palette): 1 / 5


  • Efficacy proven by accredited tests

  • Available in two sizes (can hold 1 or 2–5 palettes)

  • Dry ice and electric design (also with heating option)

  • Active solution, with dry ice refill or filling

  • Ability to maintain the required temperature indefinitely

Refrigerated container

Refrigerated trucks

  • Temperature range -20 – +30 °C

  • Duration (hours): unlimited

  • Size (m³): 5


  • For exports and imports, we use our special refrigerated vehicles with a load capacity of 1.5 t to transport goods in and out of the country, ensuring the specified temperature levels are maintained even during critical sections

  • Our vehicles are equipped with Carrier Xarios and Carrier Neos 100S refrigeration units and Webasto Air Top 2000 12V diesel air cooler, and are equipped with double safety coolers

  • On request, we record the temperature in the cargo hold, and print numerical or graphical tables to verify the required temperature range

  • TÜV SÜD accredited insulated interior

Refrigerated trucks

Cold store

  • Temperature range 5–25 / 2–8 °C

  • Duration (hours): unlimited

  • Capacity: indoor 516 EU pallets, 66m³ cold storage


  • The air-conditioning system is validated and qualified according to GAMP 5 and PIC/S PI 006-3, with redundant emergency aggregator and temperature monitoring equipment

  • Full compliance with HACCP, site and process control requirements


  • Long-term storage

  • Cross-docking

  • Administration

  • Orderpicking (order preparation)

  • Picking and repacking

Cold store
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