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Serving industries

Airmax Cargo complements its areas of activity with a constantly expanding industry service, based on the dynamic development of the transport industry and new market needs, in order to provide maximum service to our customers. If you still can't find the right solution for you, please contact us and we will find a way for you!

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Our main industries


Industry solutions are not available for all basic service types!

You can find more information at the bottom of our services pages, under the related services section. If you have any further questions, our staff will be happy to help.

Engine Belts




Automotive industry

The automotive industry requires a complex supply chain. The industry demands extreme speed, flexibility and punctuality from logistics companies that deliver parts, semi-finished and finished products. Airmax Cargo is prepared to fine-tune the transportation of parts from different countries, able to support the lean philosophy of economy in the implementation of minimum stock "just-in-time" (JIT) on both the manufacturer and supplier side. By optimising workflows, our company can integrate flexibly into the supply chain of our clients.

Automotive industry
Pharmaceutical industry

Pharmaceutical industry

Airmax is a key partner of major domestic and international pharmaceutical manufacturers and distributors. Our staff have a high level of knowledge of goods and cargo handling, and work in accordance with "good transportation practice" (GTP) and are GTP certified. Airmax, as a member of the Hungarian Biotechnology Association, has the knowledge and experience to ensure that biotechnology research materials requiring extreme precision and responsible handling reach their destination at the required temperature and with sufficient speed. AIRMAX Cargo is certified by the IATA CEIV (Center of Excellenece for Independent Validators) Pharma, which covers the entire handling of pharmaceutical products and raw materials in the air cargo supply chain.

Science Lab
Aerospace industry
Airplane Engine

Aerospace industry

Airmax is a partner to aircraft, helicopter and engine manufacturers, maintenance companies and airlines. Our company is prepared for the express forwarding of normal time-definite shipments (routine), urgent goods (critical) or the immediate resolution of special Aircraft On Ground (AOG) cases. Our AOG contacts are on standby 24 hours a day, even at night or on weekends, to respond to urgent calls in the event of aircraft breakdowns - and we can also handle imports from abroad thanks to our extensive network of partners.

Electronics industry
Electronic Circuit Board

Electronics industry

High-tech industries can only operate in a fast, accurate, secure transport and distribution system. Airmax Cargo is aware of what high inventory costs mean for its customers due to the high value of their goods, and of the risks that valuable goods are exposed to without adequate protection. That's why our company provides fast and secure transport solutions to connect the customer's manufacturing, assembly and distribution facilities in different countries. Our company provides tailor-made solutions to ensure that the flow of goods from the manufacturer to the end user is seamless.

Machinery industry
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Machinery industry

Airmax Cargo knows and has years of experience in dealing with the special transport needs of the machinery industry. Our solutions across all modalities provide efficient and reliable support for the complex supply chain requirements of the industry. A wide range of needs in terms of size must be met in the sectors belonging to the mechanical engineering and manufacturing sectors. Our expert team is familiar with and knowledgeable about the transport methods required to handle the size of the sector, from pallets to extra-large consignments. We provide a full range of support for oversized and overweight transportation tasks in the oil and gas industry, power plants and other projects. For the convenience of our partners, our projects are supervised from conception to completion by a dedicated member of staff.

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Chemical works






Chemical industry

Due to the complexity of the chemical market, there are many requirements and regulations that need to be met in the transport tasks. With Airmax Cargo's expert team, we help chemical companies around the world address these challenges. Our operators have knowledge and examinations in accordance with the standards for the transport of dangerous goods. Thanks to our trusted network of subcontractors, we provide our customers with special packaging solutions that fully preserve the integrity of the goods transported.

Chemical industry


Airmax Cargo also provides a full range of freight forwarding services to companies in the trade industry. Our professionalism enables us to transport commercial quantities of goods from anywhere in the world by air, land, rail or sea, door-to-door, with the utmost safety and without endangering the environment.

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Food industry

Food industry

Our trained professionals are well versed in the properties of non-refrigerated food and temperature-sensitive goods and how to handle them during the transport process. Temperature-sensitive or perishable goods include meat, dairy products, vegetables and fruit. We operate a seamless cold chain with our temperature-controlled storage capacity, our special heat-retaining packaging solutions and, for road transport, our own refrigerated trucks. In all cases, Airmax Cargo's team of experts' recommendations are perfectly in line with the law, HACCP and our customers' requirements.

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