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Customer-centric customs service at Aimax Cargo

In 2005, we set up our own customs department to meet our customers' needs and adapt to changes in the industry. With decades of experience, our highly qualified customs experts have up-to-date knowledge of current tax and customs legislation and keep track of any changes in the law. Our customs authorizations guarantee that we apply the most favorable customs procedures for our clients at our premises close to Liszt Ferenc International Airport and at the main terminals and customs clearance locations in Budapest.

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Special customs documents and procedures

Our customs brokerage services for inbound goods cover the full range of import-related customs clearance procedures, and help to ensure that goods reach the consignee quickly and smoothly.

Airmax Cargo Budapest Zrt. has a full Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) licence. This is a special status under which the customs authorities consider the authorised economic operator as a trusted partner, and, therefore, receive a number of benefits from the customs authorities in the management of customs affairs, transport and other handling of customs goods.

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0-24 hour customs service for both export and import goods

Our customs brokers are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to clear air imports and export shipments by all modes of transport.

To ensure faster and more flexible import customs clearance (release for free circulation), Airmax Cargo offers the possibility to process customs duties, non-Community taxes and fees through a closed, automated, NAV EBÜK (electronic banking messaging) system.

Import and export customs services

Customs services related to import shipments:

  • Customs clearance of groupage traffic (imports, transit)

  • Full customs clearance of air, sea and road traffic

  • Free placing on the market by direct representation

  • Free circulation by indirect representation (under a separate agreement)

  • Customs procedure no. 42, tax-free imports of goods (positive cash flow)

  • Storaging in own temporary storage warehouse

  • Private transport, customs clearance (luggage, repatriation)

  • Requesting a customs clearance number (VPID/EORI) from customs

  • Customs document for transit of goods by road - starting up a T document with own TC31 guarantee

  • Dispatch and receipt of goods in road transport without the active involvement of the customs office, authorised consignor and consignor's authorization (0-24)

  • Starting up and management of TIR Carnet

  • Receipt and management of ATA Carnet

  • Immediate payment of customs duties using the EBÜK system (immediate payment of customs duties) - extra AIRMAX service

Customs services related to export consignments:

  • Customs clearance of groupage traffic – all modalities

  • Full customs clearance of air, sea and road transport

  • Requesting a customs clearance number (VPID/EORI) from customs

  • Issue and authentication of proof of origin (A.TR, EUR1)

  • Road transport related customs document - starting up and management of TIR Carnet

  • ATA Carnet international customs document initiation and pre-registration (assistance from the Chamber of Commerce)

  • Automatic sending of the exit confirmation of exported goods on request (in case of own customs clearance)

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