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Our special solutions

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Airmax Cargo is constantly expanding its areas of activity with specialized solutions based on the dynamic development of the transport industry and new market needs, in order to provide the best service to our clients.


If you can't find the right complementary service for you, please contact us and we will find the best solution for you!

Base types


Our special solutions may not be available for all basic service types! For more information, see our services / related services.

If you have any further questions, our staff will be happy to help.

Time Critical
Time Zone Clocks

Transport of time critical goods

When every minute counts

Airmax Cargo is a leading provider of time critical freight forwarding services in Hungary. We have become a preferred service provider for several industry-leading multinational and domestic partners, successfully meeting urgent logistics challenges with significant business risk. Our experience over the years has enabled us to improve our processes and infrastructure, build and develop our global relationships and build a dedicated team of professionals who are on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, with dedicated attention to our clients.


Handling temperature-sensitive goods

Packaging and transport solutions

Our Coolmax range of products and services offers reliable, customised or standardised, active or passive packaging solutions and other temperature-controlled supply chain options. We have many years of professional experience and experience in temperature-controlled transport and packaging of room temperature (+15 – +25°C), chilled (+8 – +15°C), refrigerated (+2 – +8°C), frozen (-20/-30°C) pharmaceuticals, pharmaceutical raw materials and perishable food products.

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CoolMax heat-sensitive goods
Test Tubes

Specialized pharmaceutical logistics services

Warehousing, commissioning, transport

Airmax Cargo's pharmaceutical logistics center has a high level of infrastructure security for the storage, picking and transportation of temperature-sensitive human and animal medicines, pharmaceutical raw materials, pharmaceuticals and other medical devices. We have a GDP and IATA CEIV Pharma certified pharmaceutical warehouse with high shelving, room temperature storage (+15°C – +25°C) and refrigerated storage (+2°C – +8°C).

Pharmaceutical logistics

Livestock transport

We look after your pet the way you would

Every year, thousands of animals of different species are sent to various destinations around the world. As Hungary's most experienced animal air freight forwarder, we have gained considerable expertise not only in the transport of animals, but also in their care over more than 25 years. Airmax's warehouse base has dedicated live animal space that is secure, clean, disinfected, air-conditioned, ventilated and soundproofed. Our experts are well versed in the animal transport regulations, documents, permits and transport equipment requirements that vary from country to country. Airmax is a member of the International Pet Transport Association (IPATA).

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Livestock transport
Dangerous goods

Transport of dangerous goods

In maximum safety without endangering the environment

The category includes explosives, gases, flammable, liquid and solid substances, radioactive, toxic, corrosive and polluting substances.

We take particular care to ensure that the rules on dangerous goods are respected. Our operators have the knowledge and qualifications to meet the standards for transporting these. Thanks to our trusted network of subcontractors, we offer our customers special packaging solutions that fully preserve the integrity of the goods transported. Our expertise enables us to transport dangerous goods samples, or even commercial quantities of hazardous substances, from anywhere in the world, by air, land or sea, door-to-door, with the utmost safety and without endangering the environment.

Project Cargo
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Project Cargo

Transport of overweight, oversized goods

Our company provides full assistance with oversized and overweight transportation for the oil and gas industry, power plants and other projects. We include in our project cargo service all shipments that exceed the standard sizes and weights, everything that requires non-traditional packaging, loading, transport and customs clearance. With years of project cargo experience, we handle the transport of machinery, construction materials, production equipment and large components from anywhere in the world. For the convenience of our partners, our projects are supervised from conception to completion by a dedicated member of staff.


  • Emergency procedures

  • Route map

  • Open/covered storage and warehousing

  • Packing, craning, equipment rental, documentation

  • Involvement of independent experts

  • Insurance coverage

  • Cargo insurance

  • Security escort

We pay particular attention to the following:

  • Identification and coordination of critical points

  • Risk analysis

  • Solution optimization

  • Coordination of subcontractors

  • Route optimization

Consignments of valuables

Transport of consignments of valuables

Your shipments are in good hands during transport

Our company handles shipments of exceptional value, USD 1000/kg or more, with the utmost care and discretion. We offer the most modern and secure packaging, storage and transport solutions for museums, galleries, financial institutions, security companies and individual clients. If necessary, we can also provide an armed escort for the transport of high-value goods. Value shipments are a priority for our company and for airlines. The quality of the services provided by our logistics partners is also of paramount importance in the handling of consignments. When transporting high-value goods, we only work with contracted, continuously audited partners, guaranteeing the highest level of security available.

The most common types of consignments we handle are:

  • Cash

  • Artwork, art treasure

  • Precious metal

  • Gemstones, real pearls

  • Jewellery, jewellery collection

  • High value watch

  • High value fur or other clothing

  • Securities, bills of exchange

Your shipment will be stored in highly secure and continuously monitored facilities and transported under security escort from the airline's handling agent's warehouse to the aircraft, and from the moment of landing to the aircraft's ground destination. There are no weight restrictions for consignments of valuables, but the restrictions for consignments are the same as for aircraft, depending on the type. On request, we will take out insurance to cover the full value of the shipment. Due to the special nature of the shipment, our colleagues will keep you informed about the status of your shipment.

Movers Carrying Packages

Door-to-door delivery of personal effects

In Europe and overseas

Safe, reliable transport with customs clearance.

We plan the entire transport process and prepare a quotation taking into account the individual customer's requirements.

Personal property

Specialized customs services

Special customs documents and procedures

Airmax Cargo's customs experts can handle special customs clearance tasks quickly and cost-effectively. •Excise clearance – export and import clearance for all modes of transport •VAT registration service – full service for foreign taxpayers •Indirect customs clearance - full service for goods arriving from outside the European Union •Customs procedure with code 42 – Clearance of intra-EU sales •TIR Carnet card – for transport to Russia

VAM 11.jpg
Special CAM
AIR 06.jpg

Charter service

For goods requiring fast and urgent delivery

Complex logistics solutions, handling challenges and meeting tight deadlines are not an obstacle, if necessary, we will deliver your goods to the desired destination by a special aircraft.

We provide charter flights on short, medium and long haul routes from tried and trusted partners.

Charter service

On-board courier service

Within 24 hours

On-board courier Our on-board courier service delivers urgent and important shipments anywhere in the world within 24 hours. Our Time Critical team is available 365/7/24 to find solutions to your specific delivery needs.

Aircraft Maintenance
On-board courier

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